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Strategic Use of Media

The visual media experience is king! Visual media used in the campaign will achieve a higher level of engagement with customers. When customers relate to a brand’s message, either because they are attracted to its entertainment value or empowered by story content, the rewards are ongoing and significant.

We know how to motivate customers through the creative use of the tools and techniques that Hollywood has used to create the most powerful form of communication on the planet—by entertaining, informing and engaging customers with a well-conceived story.

Digital Publishing

Digital Publishing & Distribution

Campaigns that include visual media on the web are the path to the sharpshooter approach, targeting a client’s specific customers— in contrast to the inefficient and expensive shotgun approach that is the norm using conventional media.

By using the latest, highly trackable forms of Worldwide Web distribution, clients save the costly expense of advertising to the wrong demographic. Combined with the fact that Digital/Web distribution is pennies on the dollar compared to traditional forms of media advertising—exciting possibilities are opening up for client/advertisers.

The cost of production is still comparable to conventional media, but since the cost of distribution is so reduced you can spend more time on producing a more compelling, powerful message. An engaging four-minute video has a more lasting effect than a 30-second spot! The whole campaign suddenly becomes more affordable. Especially when a third factor is realized.

Long shelf life!

The video message lives on throughout the web. It is not limited to time-slot buys. It is playing your message 24/7 in all markets and around the world. The power of viral distribution is ongoing and always growing, because customers spread your message and repeat it to friends. The huge power of social network marketing completely overshadows the short-term reach of limited duration TV buys.