The Challenge:

Toyota wanted to promote the durability of the 5th generation Toyota 4RUNNER by showcasing its ability to conquer harsh rugged off road challenges.

The 4 Runner had just successfully completed the Rubicon Trail. With that success it was then entered in the ultimate endurance test: the world famous Score Baja 1000 race. The challenge was to tell the story about the stock 4RUNNER’s success in the Rubicon and the challenge of the upcoming Baja 1000 where there is no guarantee that it would finish the race.

Web Campaign Solution:

The decision was made to tell the story about the stock 4Runner taking on the Baja 1000 in video and distributed on the web. We were chosen to develop a video series about the 4RUNNER’s participation in the Baja 1000. With no way to know if the truck would finish the race we presented the idea of telling the entire story about all aspects of the race. That way of the race results would not matter, but the story of durability and a great new 4RUNNER would be the focus.

The cornerstone of the series we developed was that this was a stock, off the showroom floor 4RUNNER. We did that in the “Product Features” video by describing the product features while including visuals of the race prepared 4RUNNER. “The Build” video showed exactly what the team did to get the 4RUNNER to meet race required safety rules. “The Shakedown” Introduced the team and explained how important pre race testing is to have a race ready vehicle.

“36 Hours and The Race” are all about the the hours before the race and the grueling thirty plus hours of racing in Baja. Ivan “The Ironman” Stewart, an icon and one of the most successful off road racers, who competed with Toyota for many years was the lead driver of the team. In “Ivan’s Journal” Ivan shares his thoughts and perspective about the race and the 4RUNNER.

Our multi-camera HD production began by capturing the process of modifying the 4RUNNER with safety-mandated equipment to become race-ready. We then captured the test team and the drivers, three engineers and Ivan “Ironman” Stewart, as they ran a shakedown test and planned their strategy for the 2010 Baja 1000.

Capturing their story during the race presented an enormous challenge. Well over 30 hours of continuous racing, no guarantee that the 4Runner would finish and 1000 kilometers of brutal terrain to overcome. Key to our success was to have enough cameras at the critical moments to capture all necessary story elements.

We used 8 HD cameras including two truck-mounted cameras to record each of the drivers and co-drivers radio conversations. Cameramen were embedded with the chase crews, and a second ground crew focused on running footage and pit stops.

In order to capture the scope and spectacle of the event a helicopter camera shot dramatic vistas and high-speed running shots of the racing 4RUNNER.

The series did its job and attracted viewers and contributed to the successful launch of Toyota’s 5th Generation 4RUNNER.