Branded Video Content Helps Red Bull Find Its Marketing Wings

By Christophor Rick| Reel SEO

Sept. 3, 2011

Brand marketers can certainly learn a thing or two from Red Bull’s approach to branded content. Let the video be what it is: interesting, compelling, and specifically fit to their brand in one way or another.

Check out the Tom Cruise F1 driving video. 

Source: Branded Video Content Helps Red Bull Find Its Marketing Wings
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Share the ways your business has used video in its marketing efforts.  We would love to hear from you.

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Fake magic or cool marketing vehicle?

Let us know what  you think!

Watch this  video and you’ll begin to appreciate the power and influence that video techniques have on our psyches.  Is this an example of something that has a more powerful effect on video than in real life?  You bet it is!

We think this is a good illustration of how media can attract and hold an audience.  With over 990,000 views, this simple visual statement is an eloquent reminder of the power of the visual medium.

A video with the power to affect viewers reminds us why we at Spirit Marketing  have devoted our expertise and experience to the vital area of media distribution and marketing.   The rewards for our clients can be large and highly visible.

This featured video is a potent reminder of the truth of an old marketing adage that we believe also works for new media – keep it simple.  Make your message more powerful with Spirit Marketing.

We’re here to broaden your mind…and broaden your audience.  We welcome your thoughts on creative uses of video in marketing.

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May 5, 2011

We are having more frequent conversations about how to deliver “new looks” for our clients.  We’ve been discussing 3D and other new formats, 2D-to-3D conversion processes, and even looking at hardware that uses conventional equipment to deliver a 3D look without glasses.  These are all moving targets that require constant study to keep up.



(Using camera tricks to achieve a different look – photo by Kat Marcinowski)




“A New Camera Every Week…”  These were the words of a rental manager at a prominent Hollywood equipment rental facility who I was talking with yesterday.  And it wasn’t said entirely in jest.  It really seems as though camera manufacturers are announcing new models each week.  Several different video camcorders arrive each month, new forms of digital compression, new adapters that allow different lenses to be used on prosumer cameras, and still photo cameras that are used for shooting video.

It’s a technology jungle–there are cameras that shoot on data cards, on hard drives, on digital recorders, and even some that still shoot on tape. It’s a daunting and potentially confusing array of choices.  Which ones will make my production look best?  What can I afford?  Which format should I shoot? How do I handle the media in post production?

In my ongoing analysis of media technology to help me pick the right paths through the maze I ran shooting tests with two new cameras yesterday.





The first is the For-A VFC7000, a high speed camera that shoots HD quality digital video at up to 700fps.  It works with an easy to use touch-screen interface for controlling frame rate, shutter speed and triggering.  Just like the high end $140,000 high speed cameras, this one will also allow you to cache your recording, meaning that once the action has finished you can hit the trigger and the camera records the event that has already happened.  Its because the camera is always recording to its internal memory, and when you hit the trigger it then lays down the information from memory to the internal hard drive.  You can use several kinds of top-grade professional lenses on it to insure excellent image quality.  And here’s the exciting thing about it…its selling price is less than a third of the gold standard high-speed cameras, the Phantom and Photron. That means its rental price will be proportionately lower as well.  This suddenly makes it a viable tool for corporate clients.   This puts a great new “look” within our budget reach—the sleek super-slow motion shots featured in commercials.  Two producers already love it.  Jim Cameron and Vince Pace (Avatar) have bought four of them!











The next camera I tested is the new Sony F3.  It’s a huge camera in a small body.  It is the next step in the evolution of the camera  we’re using now, the Sony CineAlta EX1.  The F3 is about the same size but it features a theatrical, 35mm sized sensor and a professional lens mount that allows use of the highest quality lenses like Leica, Zeiss and Cooke.   It can record a much higher quality signal as well.  So between its high-end electronic recording capability and killer glass on the front, small media companies now have the ability to deliver images  to their clients that are comparable to those produced by network TV shows and studio movies!  I am not kidding.  This camera has been included in side by side  shootout tests  by the American Society of Cinematographers with cameras made by Panavision and Arriflex that rent for $2K to $5K per day.

These new toys look delicious, so people are eating them up.   But  its time to realize that they are not a meal.  They are just some of the utensils we will be using at Spirit Marketing to make a meal for our clients.  We have some great recipes in the media cookbook that we have been writing for the past 20 years.  And we never forget that the story and content are the real meal that satisfies.  And for the crowning touch, a light sprinkling of creative intuition makes for a hearty dish.

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December 8, 2010

To celebrate our award win for the “On The Road” video series we feel like letting loose!   We’re gettin down and dirty OFF ROAD.  Check out our most popular video that we did just for fun!  It was created years ago, before HD video was part of the web, but it still rocks!

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December 2, 2010


LOS ANGELES December 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Spirit Marketing has received the prestigious 2010 Prism Award for outstanding Sports Program- Ongoing: Organization/Corporate. The Prism Award is presented annually by Los Angeles Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America in recognition of outstanding programs and material.

The award recognizes the Sprit Marketing for its social media series: ‘On the Road’, a series of ongoing video stories featuring sports personalities. The stories are a fun and entertaining look into the lives of a group of professional race drivers as they visit landmark destinations around America.   “ We are proud and honored to receive the Prism and to be associated with all the exceptional winning companies.

A very special shout out to Toyota Racing and the drivers and families who helped make this happen” said Spirit Marketing producer Greg Gears. The video features were distributed to Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and

“This award recognizes Spirit Marketing’s dedication to the value of telling stories that achieve our clients social media programs through entertainment.” added ‘ On the Road’ director Wayne Gears. Since 2008, Spirit Marketing has produced over 200 video stories for its clients social media programs”

November 10, 2010

Yea, we won the PRSA Prism Award for our ongoing social media series – “On The Road.”

November 10, 2010

We are at beautiful Buttonwillow, CA shooting for Scion. Chris Rado is debuting his new AWD Scion tC.

Mark mounting camera in rado car

September 12, 2010

(Part two)

Continuing On the Trail of the True Fish Camp

South of Gainesville, we found Twin Lakes Fish Camp. Simple and rustic, it was tucked beside Cross Creek, which runs between Lake Lochloosa and Orange Lake, surrounded, by the Lochloosa Wildlife Conservation Area. Its quiet environment kept the focus on fishing and enjoying the community of other fisherman.

There was the occasional tourist, there for the airboat ride, but beyond that, the talk was fishing…the enjoyment was fishing and the doing of it in a peaceful place. Each boat that passed had fisherman in it that looked very content with life. We looked at buzzards high in the trees just waiting to pounce on fish. Even they looked content. There must be a lot of fish there. We watched the sun reflect off the water. Finally, this was how we imagined a fish camp.

We left fulfilled, watching the weather close in, driving to the Atlantic Ocean, for one last stop.

The weather that day never quite cleared. It had been a day of occasional blue sky but by the time we reached the Atlantic it was a steady drizzle. It didn’t matter. In Villano Beach, just north of St Augustine, across a narrow bit of land from the Atlantic, on the Intercoastal Waterway we found Caps on the Water. By then, we were hungry, thirsty, and proceeded to our favorite place to wipe away both–the bar.

To us, being within the confines of a good bar, that is a bar well stocked with the right wines and liquors, the right bits and pieces, comfortable seats, an atmosphere that promotes thought and conversation, and – very important – with a bartender who helps us to a time well spent. We found all that at Caps.

We had heard that Caps was originally a fish camp. It felt as if it could have been, the peacefulness, the nature, the water, but physically Caps clearly had moved somewhere else. Caps began as a fish camp many years ago and the original idea of simplicity of purpose remains. In the beginning Caps’ purpose was to provide tranquility and enjoyment through fishing, now it is done by providing good food and drinks in the splendor of nature. The camaraderie is now among fellow bar mates and diners. Both experiences are authentic.

It’s as if the karma of the original Caps and Twin Lakes has been transported to the enlightened present day owners and staff.

Well into the evening, at the outside oyster bar, we reflected on our day. It was a simple single day in our lives. We found Twin Lakes, a true Florida fish camp and Caps, what all fish camps aspire to become–an elegant dining and relaxation hideaway on the water.

We were happy with our discoveries and in the fact that occasionally, despite tremendous odds, the best of the past can be found in the present.

We would love to hear about your experiences at these or similar little known destinations.

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September 7, 2010


How lucky can we get? We’re working in Indy, but if you call this work, you’re crazy! Because we’re having some amazing experiences that most mere mortals would die for! If pangs of jealousy are rising in you, you are forgiven, because here’s what we’ve been up to. First up, we got to drive around all day in a golf cart at the Eagle Creek Golf Club, cutting through the fairways and chasing celebrities at a charity golf event, The Eric Medlen Memorial Golf Tournament.

You haven’t lived till you’ve been turned loose at a golf course, with no restrictions other than golf etiquette because you’re “media.” It was cool to drive past the course marshals and ask, “Hey, has Max Papis or Morgan Lucas been by here yet?” the reply was “ not yet but we can’t wait to see them”. We finally chased down the NASCAR and NHRA stars.

Seeing them drive a golf ball down the fairway is a way different experience from seeing them drive a pro racecar. They are professional athletes competing in a whole different world. And In this world some of their pit crewmembers can out drive them! Now that’s amazing!

These guys came together for a great cause: The Payton Manning Children’s Hospital and it was a real privilege to make a video to tell their story. Boy, are we lucky to be in this business or what?? It can be fun and still be worthwhile. On our way downtown we drove right past the Brickyard with its awe inspiring steel grandstands. It’s the home of the Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400 race. It is the most famous racing stadium in the United States and has become a shrine to motorsports. It is so revered that famous race drivers have gotten on their hands and knees and kissed the pavement in reverence. It looks the part. We tipped our hats in respect as we drove by.

On Wednesday we got a private tour of the Morgan Lucas Racing top fuel dragster race shop. Morgan Lucas personally took us around. The thing that is immediately impressive is how clean everything is.

You are probably used to a mechanic’s garage being oily and dirty. Well, you probably could have eaten off the floor in this shop, with its gleaming white floors and polished tools. We were just in time to see the two pit crews load Morgan’s and Shawn Langdon’s top fuel dragsters into the trucks to go to the track.

We saw millions of dollars worth of race gear, along with gleaming choppers and a vintage racecar that Morgan’s mother raced. The shop is a family-owned enterprise that maintains a family like atmosphere, with a great esprit de corps.

We got to spend some quality time at the temple of sports in Indianapolis—Colts Stadium or more properly Lucas Oil Stadium, which is the biggest structure in the downtown area. When it is teeming with thousands of avid fans, 90% of which are wearing “ #18 Manning” jerseys, it becomes a hive of sports enthusiasm.

We had seats in row 4 at the 50-yard line. Wayne has such long arms that he could almost reach out and pat Peyton on the butt. I urged him to try, but he has more self-reserve than me, so instead he took some great photos of the players as they milled around on the sideline.

We were there to cover some behind-the-scenes activities by the stadium owners…the Lucas family. So we were moving between the 50-yard line and the ultimate luxury suite during the Colts/ Bengal’s exhibition game. It was past halftime before we could be escorted up to the suite to shoot some interviews. It seems that there was too big a crowd in the suite. You know how fast a suite can fill up when there is free food and drinks thru the whole game! But we made it at last, and pushed our way discreetly through the ranks of millionaires and sponsors to shoot interview comments about the weekend.

But you do what you have to do. Just another day at the office.

Morgan Lucas and his family were terrific hosts.

Wayne and Greg chat with sports announcing legend Paul Page.

The week ended at the winners circle NHRA National Championships.

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What better use for a satellite dish on a hot sunny day? Wayne uses it as a sun umbrella.

We’ve been producing human interest profiles featuring Toyota’s sponsored race drivers in creative web stories designed to generate fan interest. These stories have captured the drivers in candid settings, worlds apart from their motorsports/media personas, and have been so successful that ESPN has incorporated our stories as a regular feature of its telecasts of NHRA races.

It just proves that TV audiences, just like web audiences, love to see their heroes humanized through appealing and engaging stories told in a candid, fresh style…with Spirit!

Spirit Marketing works with ESPN’s Mobile Studios to supply candid racer profiles for ESPN’s broadcast.

August 15, 2010

A True Fish Camp

We thought our inaugural story should be about one thing we at Spirit Marketing have a unanimous opinion on: the joy of being under a blue sky, by blue water, and taking it all in at a noteworthy place offering good food, drink, and company. With that in mind, on one of our frequent trips to Florida, we went exploring.

We traveled to a piece of Florida far away in geography and time from the southern coasts. It was more laid back, much closer to the older, authentic Florida, with the beauty there for the viewing, unforced, not over promoted…unrushed. We had heard that fish camps embody these qualities, so we set out to find a few and experience them firsthand.

Just south of Jacksonville, we found Whitey’s Fish Camp on the small inlet off Doctors Lake. Whitey’s proved to be a bar and restaurant with a big deck on the water and at last count room for 42 RV’s. A beautiful setting, and we did learn how to keep a pitcher of beer cold in the summer.

And if you could ignore the 4-lane bridge that now crossed Doctors Inlet and brought the sound of traffic with it, you could almost imagine that it once was a fish camp. Almost.

Not satisfied, the next day, we moved on.

Further south off the St. Johns River in Old Bull Bay we found Clarks Fish Camp. A calm setting, another place of natural beauty, if you could ignore the suburb you drove through to get here. Not that suburbs can’t be beautiful, they’re just not natural let alone wild.
Standing on the old wooden dock, we stared out at the magnificence of old Florida, imagining all the snakes and alligators just out of sight.

Inside the restaurant, we observe a taxidermist’s dream. Every room filled with stuffed big game animals in every pose imaginable. Why all the dead animals and birds? Staring at you while you eat! Creepy. No longer a fish camp, now its a huge-volume restaurant with a wait time, sitting in the beauty of nature, posing too many moral questions for us to truly enjoy. Plenty of folks did, just not us.

We drove deeper into Florida, mostly wandering. Open space, blue sky, and beautiful trees started to appear. We grew hopeful!

We were rewarded when we landed at the Outback Crabshack. Again, no longer a fish camp, but the Outback had kept its roots. It was deliciously raw, set into nature, with local food that was tasty! We tasted the gator with a hot sauce created by the proprietors. We felt the ghosts of the fishermen as they gathered around their campfire, telling tall tales, perhaps drinking moonshine, and unquestionably dodging the alligators!

As we imagine a fish camp’s purpose, it was a place to fish, to talk about fishing and life, to cook, to drink, to sleep, in a tent or simple cabin and to start over before the sun rose the next day. The Outback came close but we felt there was more. See what we found in the soon to be finished part two.

If you have been to any of these colorful places we would love to hear your comments.

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